- Quality software development™


Based in England, formed by talented individuals with experience of over 15 years in software development of all levels from intial concept to final delivery. We produce software with commitment and quality at a competitive price.

We specialise in outsourcing services requiring low level C++ C Objective-C C# Java Javascript HTML5 programming applications and software covering real-time optimized performance, 3D computer graphics, low latency network code, audio and general programming.

We have produced works for companies such as Microsoft, Atari, Eidos Interactive, Codemasters, Scholastic Inc, Activision, D3, Oxygen.

* All Programming & Art: 3D/Graphics rendering, Audio, Networking server/client, Game play, Tools, VR.
* Consultancy and Troubleshooting.
* Optimization and Performance.
* Conversions and Porting.
* Rapid prototyping and Demo Creation.